Friday, February 8, 2013

A Shopping Friend

To be perfectly honest, I don’t love shopping.   Sometimes, it can’t be avoided.  I need new clothes, a gift for a friend, or a pair of shoes for my granddaughter.  She’s even outgrowing the weeds lately, so that happens a lot.    As an occasional shopper, I rarely know where to find the best buys.  I miss sales and end up paying a lot for quality merchandise or, even worse, paying less and getting inferior quality.

When I lived in the north, I used to count on my friend, Debbie, to help me find good deals.  She did a lot of shopping and always knew where to get the best buys.  Frequently, she had coupons to save us even more.   Since moving south, I’ve been on my own. Recently, however, I’ve found a new shopping friend,Shopaholic Mommy.

Just like my northern buddy, Shopaholic Mommy knows where to find the best bargains.  What’s a great buy in February?  Shopaholic Mommy has the answer.  And those shoes for my granddaughter?  Shopaholic Mommy recommends TOMS.   TOMS Shoes Award from Hillary Clinton, given for exemplary practices and social responsibility, increases my confidence in their products and Shopaholic Mommy has Coupons For TOMS to sweeten the deal.

Whether you’re a shopping klutz or a bargain pro, you should check out Shopaholic Mommy for shopping hints and coupons.  Take time to read her blog posts too.  She has great tips for everything from common parenting dilemmas to organizing your kitchen.  Be sure to catch her recent post with easy tips for a Valentine’s celebration.

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  1. Shopping with a friend is always fun! It always ends up with a deli big meal too. :)