Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tiger or Tiger Lily?

I recently learned that a tiger’s stripes are as unique as human fingerprints.   No need for them to worry that someone will be wearing their outfit at the next big event!

You won’t need to worry either, if you shop Deelish.  Deelish is a wonderful online fashion boutique that offers a range of styles for every taste and mood.   Whether you love a hot wild look or prefer elegant elusiveness, Deelish has something for you.    I know, because I’ve just spent a couple of fun hours checking out their site.

Want funky?  Deelish has it.  They’ve got fun and fancy too.  Even better, the prices are Deelishously low, so you can afford to buy something for every mood from tiger to tiger lily.  I saw a sweet little black dress for under thirty dollars and some awesome jewelry for less than twenty.  Place an order of one hundred dollars or more and get free shipping too.

Just looking for casual wear?  Deelish has you covered too.  How about a cotton candy ombre blouse or a peaches and cream sweater.  Sorry, if that makes you hungry.  Deelish doesn’t carry food, but when it comes to fashion, they have plenty to satisfy every fashion appetite.  

There's far more than I can show you here.  So  check out Deelish now.  While you're there, take a few minutes to view the Deelish blog and Deelish TV.

I really like the Deelish philosophy:
                We stand for all things confident, beautiful, edgy, and one of a kind.

That sounds just like a tiger.   

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