Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On The Green

I love the look of a golf course, although I’ve never played the game. 

That’s okay, because my brother plays enough for both of us.  Even when he lived in the north, he played on a regular basis and only the most inclement weather could keep him off the course.  When it was time to retire, he and his wife moved to a Florida community with its own golf course.    He celebrated a birthday last week and my sister-in-law gave him a gift certificate.  She said he’d been eyeing some golf wedges, but she knew he’d want to do the selecting.     Because I don’t play, my brother thinks I know nothing about the game.

“Do you know what golf wedges are?”

I chuckled silently, and then replied.  “Aren't those special golfing shoes?  I bet you want to be sure that your new pair fits correctly.”

For the next twenty minutes, I listened as he gives me a lecture on golf clubs.  I could tell that he was enjoying every second.  Am I really that clueless?  No, but I figured it was the best birthday gift that I could give him! :D

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