Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Wedding

Remember the Teddy Bear’s Picnic song?  I always envisioned a summer picnic, but why not a winter one?

Although I love nature, I am more of a summer person.    I loved the wedding of a friend, who decided to get married on the beach.    Bare feet peeked out from her traditional bridal gown, as she and her groom stood inside a heart drawn in the sand and strewn with rose petals.  The beach with its gorgeous lake view seemed a perfect setting for two sailing enthusiasts. 

I recently learned that my cousin’s daughter, who is an avid skier, is planning an outdoor wedding in February.    That might be alright for a Miami resident, but the wedding is in New Hampshire.  I wondered if the bride would be wearing a white ski suit, but her mother assures me that she’s picked a traditional dress.  Long sleeves and velvet to be sure, but that’s still pretty skimpy for a New England winter.

I guess that I’m behind the times.  I checked out winter weddings on the web and there are lots of pictures of couples getting married in snowy surroundings.  I even found a couple inside a heart drawn in the snow.  The bride had some gorgeous heeled boots with white fur trim.  Another bride was even more daring, marching down a snow covered street in a pair of open-toed shoes.  I certainly hoped they had some good traction.  The prize for snow love goes to the couple dressed in formal wedding attire as they made snow angels!

My cousin’s daughter will have her wedding on a patio that has a lovely view of trees and mountains that will undoubtedly be covered by snow.   Seating for guests will be provided inside a white tent adorned with evergreens.  The front side of the tent will be left open and, weather permitting; the couple will stand just outside it for their vows with the scenic view as their backdrop.   They have arranged for several outdoor patio heaters as well.  Not toasty enough to melt snow, but it should offer a fair degree of comfort.    There’s an indoor reception area off the patio for eating and dancing.  In the event of a blizzard, the couple will be married there as well, standing in front of floor-to-ceiling glass windows that also offer a spectacular view.    When the wintery event is over, the happy couple will be headed towards a skiing honeymoon.

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  1. That is an adorable display. I may have to steal the idea.