Monday, December 17, 2012

My Place

As a child, I never realized how fortunate I was to have so many acres of fields and forests as my playground.  I thought of one particular wooded spot as my outdoor home.  Who could fault decorating like this?

Sometimes I wish that interior decorating was as simple and timeless as nature. While Mother Nature may provide some seasonal differences, I've never heard anyone say that her spring needs to be updated or that her autumn needs a change.  In my lifetime, I've seen appliances change from white to gold to avocado to black to stainless steel.  Now I’m hearing that stainless has become pass√©.   It’s not just furnishings.   Flooring has travelled full circle from hardwood to shag carpet and back again.   Wallcoverings have undergone similar transitions.    I have always liked walls that have some texture to them, although I’m not fond of textured paint.  That’s pretty to look at, but, like those popcorn ceilings, it is a nightmare to remove.   Today’s wallpapers can provide the same effect, but are easy to remove.   

I covered a lot of flawed walls in my first home with wallpaper and I’m glad to see that it is back in vogue.  I saw some gorgeous handcrafted coverings online.  Even if covering four walls is beyond the budget, a wall accented in one of those beautiful coverings would provide a huge impact for any room.    I’d like to use something in green for my bedroom.  Then I can pretend that I am back in my childhood woodland home..

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