Saturday, December 1, 2012


On a cool evening, there is nothing cozier than a fireplace.  More than the heat produced by burning wood, the flames have a life and spirit that warm the heart as well as the body.

One of my nephews is a real outdoorsman and the rustic style of his home reflects his preference.  When he mentioned that he had added a rug in front of his fireplace, my first thought was bearskin, since he hunts both deer and bears.    Instead, he chose sheepskin rugs for both the heart area and his bedroom.    That’s going to feel great on those cold New England nights.  I can close my eyes and feel my toes sinking deep into its warmth.

I started loving sheepskin products for their warmth, but after a prolonged stay in a hospital bed left me with a nasty bedsore, I began to appreciate their healing properties as well.  Even before it healed, the sheepskin pad relieved much of the sore’s discomfort.   If you are buying Christmas gifts for someone, who is bedridden, skip the flowers and knickknacks and get a sheepskin mattress cover for them.  They’ll appreciate it all year round.  

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