Saturday, December 8, 2012

Colorful Design

Things are looking quite bland outside my window these days and the cold weather has barely begun. By spring, I'm sure I'll be more than ready for the reappearance of Mother Nature's colorful palette.

Inside our home, a color debate is taking place.  After five months of makeshift seating in our living room, we finally purchased two dark brown recliners.  They complement the existing recliner and provide comfortable seating for all of us.   My granddaughter likes her comfy chair, but is less satisfied with our cream and brown color scheme.     I think it’s relaxing and a couple of blue accents provide all the color we need.  Her preferences tend towards a riot of intense color, as evidenced in her bedroom with its splashes of pink, green, yellow and orange.    I thought she’d accepted our less colorful living room, until I started looking at some electrical cord and computer cable management solutions that were necessitated by the new seating arrangement. 

The cable wraps are available in a variety of colors.  I figured the cream colored ones would work for anything that would be near the walls and I’d get a couple of brown ones for the cords that would run near the floor.   Unfortunately, my granddaughter saw the ones in blue, orange, lime and pink. No use explaining that we weren’t trying to draw attention to the cords, our budding artist is enthralled with their color.    I’m going to let her pick one wrap for her computer cords and hope that satisfies her.  If not, my daughter suggested we buy several colors and let her use them to decorate the posts of her loft bed.  That sounds like a compromise we all can live with.

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