Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Helping Paw

Who doesn’t need a little help with the yard work? 

When the weather is lovely, everyone wants to get in on the act.  The recent rains and subfreezing temperatures have put an end to outdoor projects for a bit, but I’m happy that my daughter managed a bit of landscape lighting installation before the cold weather settled in.    I’m not sure how she found the time.   Between work, a full time college load and homeschooling her daughter, it’s a wonder that there is time for anything, but she seems to take it in stride.  Anyway, it really makes a difference to the front of the house, giving it a more finished look during daylight hours and adding a nice glow and sense of security at night. 

While outdoor work has stopped for a bit, we haven’t stopped discussion of future projects.  Since we rent the house, we are reluctant to spend a lot and must get the permission of the owner for everything.  I don’t think that she should object to the installation of a small walkway from our driveway to the front door.  Right now, I must exit the house through the garage, since there are only a few widely spaced stones barely a foot wide, forming a rough front walkway.  The able-bodied may skip from stone to stone, but it is pretty treacherous for someone who needs two canes to walk.   Our landlady is in her seventies and has difficulty with the current path, so we think she’ll agree.  We are willing to purchase the paving stones and my daughter, who used to work on a landscaping crew, knows how to do a professional looking job.  It will be far safer and really improve the house’s curb appeal.

Until the weather warms, we’ll be doing some inside projects.  Yesterday, my granddaughter got to choose curtains for her bedroom.  She combined fuzzy turquoise drapes with glittery hot pink sheers.  I doubt that I could sleep in a room that bright, but for a ten year old artist, they are perfect.  

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