Thursday, October 11, 2012

Want an online presence but don’t know where to start?

 Many online marketers and entrepreneurs are looking for an easy way to create a stunning web presence, but don’t know where to start – which is why companies like Designpax exist.

Web design can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have no idea where to start! You may want to consider outsourcing this task to an experienced web design company. Designpax, and other similar companies, do all the graphic grunt work for you. From Twitter backgrounds to traditional web ads, all can be quickly ordered online at a package price. The result: Custom, premium web design at a discount! Traditional web and graphic designers can charge by the hour, and those hours really start to add up! By outsourcing this work you can save the expense of hiring an on hand web designer, and avoid templates. Many web designers use the same templates over and over again with just a few tweaks. This results in dozens of customers having ‘cookie cutter’ websites. Designpax creates new, vibrant designs each and every time – with no templates.

When choosing a design company, be sure to look for a company that offers revisions – at no extra cost. Some companies don’t offer revision, and if they do it can often come at an inflated price. 1-3 revisions is average in the industry, and you should not need more! Having a general plan in mind, or at least a color scheme / theme – can go a long way in ensuing you won’t need more than 3 revisions!

Designpax offers landing pages, banners, WordPress themes, Icons, full web page design – and much more. You can order by the ‘piece’ or purchase a whole package to take your web presence to the next level, ensuring your brand is consistently represented across a myriad of media.

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