Saturday, October 13, 2012

Snow Lover

The grass is still green and the leaves are just beginning to turn, but a couple of frosts and a chill in the air tell me that snow will be in the not too distant future.

I can’t say that I am looking forward to it.  In the fifteen years since I moved to the south, I have only seen snow a few times.    It’s rare to see more than an inch.  It falls at night and disappears in the warmth of the afternoon sun.  Although we are still in the south, our new home is considerably north of Atlanta and situated at a higher elevation.   We’ve already experienced colder temperatures.  Pictures taken in prior years confirm that the area gets far more snow than I’ve seen for some time.

I’ve started looking for a heavier jacket and a pair of boots. Jacket hunting will be fun and easy.  The boots will take some hunting.  My feet are long and were quite narrow for most of my life, a combination that placed considerable limitations on footwear.  My feet have widened considerably in recent years and it’s getting tough to find footwear that wasn’t made for guys.  Strokes have impaired my balance, so anything with stylish heels is out of the question.  Still, I’m hoping to find some comfortable boots for women that are made in my size and look pretty.  I’d better work fast.  I can almost feel winter descending.

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