Saturday, October 6, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Life’s simplest pleasures are truly the best.

We may not give a lot of thought to our feet, at least until they begin to cause us pain.  That’s how it was for me.  I had started experiencing symptoms of arthritis in my late twenties.  At first, it was just some mild discomfort after a day of bicycling.  When the discomfort increased, I was advised to continue biking, but cautioned to avoid steep inclines.  That bought me a few more years and I was still able to enjoy walking and running.   Running went next.  A move to Buffalo with its cold winters and dampness from proximity to the Great Lakes soon made walking painful.  Sleep became difficult, when even the weight of a blanket caused my feet and legs to ache.  I settled for turning up the heat and discarding covers, but continually wished for a better solution.  Finally, I found a job in a warmer climate and relocated.  The sun worked its magic on my bones and I was able to sleep and walk without pain.

I was reminded of that difficult time, when I recently read about FootSleepGuard, a device designed to hold bedding away from the feet and legs.  Well made and simply designed, this blanket support allows you to enjoy the warmth of covers without placing weight on feet or legs.  It can even be folded and placed in luggage.  It would be great for arthritis sufferers, diabetics and anyone with a foot or leg injury.  It would also make a wonderful gift for anyone suffering from these conditions.  Christmas is coming.  Grandpa doesn’t need another tie and Grandma has plenty of knickknacks.    A good night’s sleep is a simple pleasure and a far better gift.  

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  1. Not arthritis, but I can't stand having a blanket over my feet.