Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Breeze

Looking at this picture, I can almost feel a gentle breeze and the warmth of a summer day.

I often wonder if my granddaughter’s grandchildren will be able to experience this beauty.  Will they be able to see the sky or will the smog that pollutes so many cities have spread to less populated areas.  Will there be unpolluted streams?  Will the earth be depleted and incapable of growing crops?  Will hundreds of species have perished victims of our careless ways?

While it is easy to cast stones at industrial pollution and oil spills, I think it is important to recognize the role that each of us can play in helping to keep our planet green.    Recycling is a great start.  Reuse is another good step and one that fits especially well with a tight economy.   Repair rather than replace.   Check out car pools and public transportation.  Consider walking or bicycling.  Plan errands to reduce car trips.    Are you sending second-hand smoke into the air?  If you aren’t ready to quit, why not switch to electronic cigarettes that only emit water vapor?   Lower your utility consumption.  Hit the power button on electronics and appliances that aren’t in use.  Turn off some lights.  Notch the thermostat down a few degrees in the winter and up in the summer. 

Little things do make a difference, when multiplied by millions of people.  Remember that at voting time as well and cast your vote for officials and policies that support a greener lifestyle for our planet.   Do it for yourself, your grandchildren and all the future generations.

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