Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fruit Of The Vine

When I lived in western New York, we devoted one fall weekend each year to visiting the Finger Lakes region.  The foliage was breathtaking and the scent of ripened grapes in the vineyards made me wish I could stay there year round.

We stopped at roadside stands to sample the abundant variety of grapes and chose large bunches of our favorites to take home.   Each year, we toured a different winery. The tours were always interesting and ended with a wine tasting session.  It was so relaxing to sit by the window and sip the different wines.  My tastes were pretty simple and my favorites were white wines that had the most robust grape flavor.  I think my choices amused my brother, who had developed a more sophisticated palate.  He and his wife had taken a number of classes on wine and he knew the right lingo to describe them.  They still have a glass of red wine with most of their dinners.  They talk about its healthful effects, but I figured it was just a good excuse to indulge.  The truth?  Check out this infographic for both sides of the debate.  Why not sip a glass of wine, while you do that?  A trip to the Finger Lakes would be fun, but you can even purchase wine online.

Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
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