Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Pleasure

Ahh!  Nothing beats dipping your feet in the waves, particularly after a walk across sun-soaked sands.

Bare feet are one of summer’s finest pleasures, whether you are dipping your feet in the water or letting blades of cool grass tickle your toes.  It is an activity that should be pursued with caution, however.   Barefoot walks are not recommended for diabetics, who may not be aware of injuries , which can lead to infection.  Even healthy individuals should exercise caution and choose low-hazard areas for barefoot strolls.

Even those who don footwear, be it flip-flops or womens designer shoes, should be extra careful during hot weather.
  1.  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet, if you are wearing any of the great summer fashions that expose portions of your feet.
  2. Select footwear that stands up to heat.   Some sole materials can retain heat and cause burns.  A friend’s flip-flops began to melt, when she walked down a sidewalk in 100+ degree heat. 
  3. If you enjoy long summer strolls, be sure that your footwear fits perfectly. Don’t break in new shoes on a long walk.  Absorbent socks are a must to keep feet dry and avoid athlete’s foot.
  4. Canvas and leather shoes are great summertime choices, because they allow your feet to breathe.  
At any time of year, be sure to contact your health care provider, if you have concerns about foot health.

Have a safe and happy summer!

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