Monday, August 27, 2012

A Fine Combination

I’d love to be sailing on that water.  Wouldn’t you?

Cities don’t usually make an appearance on this blog.  I grew up in the country and for many years, nature and countryside were synonymous for me.  I had an epiphany, when I worked in a high rise complex.

 A park was set in the middle of the office buildings.    I walked there almost every day and after a time, I came to appreciate the integration of natural beauty and man-made structures.    New buildings were under construction and I enjoyed watching the as they were erected.  For many weeks, a building would seem like a growing skeleton.  With little more than steel beams and insulated concrete forms, floor after floor were layered onto the structure until I had to tilt my head to see the top.  As I watched the figures of the construction workers, barely visible on the top floors, I was happy that my job was inside a finished building.  The wind through the unfinished walls must have been quite strong and cold at times.  Once all the floors had been added, the outside walls went up quite quickly; although it would be many months before the interior work was completed.

This photo of city, water, sky and mountains holds the same integrated charm as that office park did.  Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to see from a city office building every day?


  1. Yes I would. Beautiful.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Yes I would. Lovely picture, makes me want to go to the beach.