Monday, July 23, 2012


There’s nothing more relaxing than the sight and sound of water.

Unless, of course, it is leaking from your plumbing.  Thankfully, the bathroom faucets in our new residence aren’t doing that, but a replacement is definitely due.  I’ve never been a fan of the models that have one handle to adjust both hot and cold water.  The faucet in my bathroom sink is fairly temperamental and needs more than the normal downward pull to completely stop the water flow.  Once down, a drip may occur and then the faucet must be slowly rotated until the drip stops.  Repair may be possible, but I know I’d be happier with an updated fixture.  The house is twenty-five years old and it’s unlikely that it has ever been updated.

In our old home, we would have visited a number of city shops to check out our options.   Our new location is more rural, so we’ve been doing our research on line.  I’ve fallen in love with the elegant simplicity of the Flyte faucets that I found at Waterworks Studio.  It will be a family decision, of course, but one that I don't plan on losing.  Guess it goes without saying that there will be separate hot and cold handles.

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