Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Facts Of Fishin'

I gotta touch them?! 

Brought up in a traditional fifties home, I never did a lot of fishing.  That was a man’s job.  The budding feminist in me rebelled once or twice, but when told I had to put a worm on the hook, I reverted to the girlie stereotype.  No one told me there were other types of bait. Women did get to cook the catch and no one served better pan-fried fish than my grandmother.  Just the thought makes my mouth water.

I recently spent a lot of time organizing hundreds of family photos.  I admit that I felt a twinge of jealousy, when I found fishing pictures that featured my brothers holding their catch. Although the fish were small and offered no threat of breaking the thin twig from which they were hung, their faces glowed with pride. 

By the time I was an adult, I had met many women, who enjoyed fishing. I toyed with the idea a few times, but it never went any further.  My work kept me desk bound much of the time, so when I was outside, I wanted to be moving.  Although fishing never became a hobby, I still appreciate a good catch.

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  1. Many girls are fine with the worms, but maybe not one who comes to the activity in a white dress.

  2. Nostalgia revisited! I miss fishing in my native village pond so badly.