Thursday, July 26, 2012


Enjoy the feel of cotton towels or that favorite cotton t-shirt? You’re in good company. For more than five-thousand years, cotton has been grown and transformed into fabric.

Wild cotton is prevalent in areas of Africa, Australia and Mexico and has been thriving for at least seven-thousand years. The earliest cultivated cotton and cotton fabric production is credited to the Harappan people, who resided in what is now western India and Pakistan. The actual date is uncertain, but estimates range from 5000 BC to 2500 BC. Cotton fabric was eventually introduced to other areas though traders, although it did not reach England until the 1600’s. The manufacture of cotton proliferated in Europe in the 1800’s with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

Today, cotton is a billion dollar industry with an estimated twenty-five million tons produced annually. Not surprising when one considers that cotton is now used in products that range from apparel to personal hygiene.

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