Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Pretty, fragrant and tasty.  Rosemary has it all.

My mother rarely used seasonings when she cooked, although she had a cupboard stocked with a variety of spices and dried herbs.  I’m not sure if rosemary was included, but I’m fairly certain that I had never tasted it in any recipe.  When I was a newlywed, a restaurant we visited served prime rib encrusted with rosemary.  It was love at first taste.  I purchased dried rosemary at the store and started using it in many dishes.  I thought it couldn’t get any better, until my daughter started an herb garden at the side of our house.    The fresh rosemary was even better than the dried.  I particularly liked her roast chicken.  She stuffed the chicken cavity with stalks of rosemary before roasting.  The taste permeated the entire chicken and the wonderful aroma permeated the house.    Since the rosemary was removed and discarded before serving, even our trash can smelled great!     Of all the herbs in the garden, rosemary was certainly the most hearty.  While other herbs turned brown and didn’t start growing again until springtime, rosemary was available year round.

When I think of herbs, I think of cooking, although I know that many herbs are used to treat everything from heart problems to depression.    Research revealed that rosemary aids both digestion and circulation.  Rosemary truly does have it all.

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  1. I love my rosemary bushes but have not cooked with it lately. Stuffing a chicken with it sounds good. Of all my herbs I think I use oregano the most. And i love Basil.