Sunday, May 27, 2012

True Love

When a boyfriend brought me a bouquet of wildflowers, my mother was ready to set a wedding date.  She claimed that anyone could order flowers, but handpicked bouquets were a sign of true love.

 I'm sure she based that on her own experience.  For over sixty years of marriage, my father brought her bouquets garnered from the fields or selected from his carefully tended flowerbeds.  His offerings ranged from spring daffodils to the cattails that she loved to include in fall floral arrangements.  I think he enjoyed picking them as much as she enjoyed receiving them.

 That was a different time and place.  Their home was surrounded by flower-filled fields and delivery was as simple as carrying them from those fields to their back door.  Floral gifts to family and friends were almost as easy, since most of them lived within walking distance.  On the few occasions, when floral deliveries were ordered for those at a distance, the order was placed with a local florist.  The cost was always more, since the local florist charged for arranging the delivery.  A good local florist didn’t insure good quality or service at the delivery location.  No wonder my mother favored the handpicked arrangements.

 Nowadays, our friends and families are scattered across the country and the world, but thankfully, the internet has simplified the ordering process.  For UK-delivered flowers Serenata offers a wide assortment of floral arrangements with prices to fit every budget.  Since pictures are included, you can see what will be delivered.  Best of all the delivery is fast and free.  When you can’t deliver the flowers yourself, it’s a lovely and loving solution.

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