Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Goodwill Ambassador

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It has been almost ten years since this photo of our border collie was taken. Although he was still a puppy, my daughter had already dubbed him "the goodwill ambassador for dogs". With a loving and friendly disposition, he made friends with the neighborhood and even charmed adults and children who were scared of dogs.

At ten years of age, he is still energetic and willing to play fetch with anyone from the neighbor to the pizza delivery guy. While he is still energetic, he has started to show a bit of arthritis, particularly in colder weather. It's hard to think that he is growing old and we want to keep him youthful for as long as possible. Good nutrition is an important part of his health. With recent pet food recalls, we've started to think about making his food.

Homemade dog food is easy to make.  If you'd like to learn how, just check out Ed's site.  The video covers ingredients, preparation and storage of his easy cooked dog food recipe.   His own dogs provide their enthusiastic endoresement.    You can also prepare raw dog food.  The ingredients are readily available at your grocery store and a link is provided for the purchase of the necessary nutritional supplements.
We plan on giving it a try.  Our goodwill ambassador  deserves the best.
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