Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lawn Time

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Although we've had some cool nights lately, there is no denying that spring is here.  Already the pots that line the front porch are starting to flower.  In another month, we should have an abundance of pink, white and purple blossoms to brighten the time spent on our porch.  I'm always amazed at how little care is required to create this beauty and have frequently wished that the lawn could be maintained that easily.

The backyard is already a lush green and begging for a cut.  Unfortunately, the front lawn is displaying a new collection of bare patches and the grass that remains seems dull in comparison to the back.  It's not really surprising.  The front lawn is a favored spot for my granddaughter and her friends.  Our border collie loves to join in the play.  While its fun to watch, the continual traffic does take its toll and it takes some work each spring to restore it.

My daughter has plans to seed the bare spots  and fertilize the entire yard in the coming week.  Although it isn't her favorite job, we all enjoy the results.  This year, she plans to make life easier by using Scotts® Snap® Spreader System.  No more messy filling or half used bags spilling onto the garage floor. Snap-Pac Lawn Fertilizer® just snaps into the spreader without opening. After fertilizing, you just unsnap and store the sealed bag. Snap-Pac Lawn Fertilizer® promotes quick greening and continues to feed the lawn for up to eight weeks. Even more important, it is friendly to children and pets. That's a must for our household.

Check out the video to see how easy  it is to use.  Then check out Snap perks on Facebook.  It's your chance to have a great lawn and win prizes.

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