Friday, February 17, 2012

Clipix Brings Organization Online

My daughter is the chief cook at our house, but everyone contributes to meal ideas.  Whenever I see an interesting recipe online, I try to copy the link and email it to her.  Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.  I may be too rushed to take the time.    Even when I do,  there's no guarantee that the mouthwatering entrée  or yummy dessert will appear on our table.  As the collection of recipe emails has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to locate the right one.  We agreed that we need a way to organize the collection.

So we were excited to learn about clipix, an easy way to save and organize everything you find online.  Clipix is simple to install.  You only need to drag the Clip button from the clipix site to your bookmark bar.  Then you're ready to save anything you find.

The video below demonstrates clipix's capabilities.

I love the multiboard feature which lets me organize  recipes by category.  I've already added Soup, Salad, Entrée  and  Dessert clipboards to my Recipesmultiboard.  If I need another category, I can just create a new clipboard and drag it to my multiboard.

Now when I find a great recipe, I only have to click the Clip button and select the correct clipboard.  What could be easier?

My recipe boards are Syncboards, so both my daughter and I can add recipes. With the IPhone App, she can even view recipe ingredients while she's at the grocery store.

When I started, I only planned on clipping recipes.    Now I'm seeing that the possibilities are endless. I'm starting a board of my favorite blogs and links that should be useful for our move later this year.  I'd like a list of movies I want to watch and books I'd like to read.  What would you like to organize with clipix?  If you're not sure, check out the clipix community and see what other members are doing.  Just sign up for a free clipix account and you are ready to go.

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