Sunday, November 13, 2011

Generating Great Leads

When my best friend studied to become a financial planner, I pictured her sitting with people and explaining the best ways to save for their home, their children's education of their retirement. Eventually, that is just what she did, but before she could do that, she had to find clients. That wasn't easy.

She looked for inexpensive leads and was able to purchase hundreds of "used" leads. These were phone numbers of people who had already been called and had turned down a consultation. Not surprisingly, she made a lot of calls before she got even one appointment. She began to understand that fresh targeted leads might cost more, but they saved hours of time.

EquiLeads is an online service that lets you target the leads that you receive by area and type. You can specify if you are looking for customers in Colorado who are looking for a loan or prospective insurance purchasers in Florida. Since the service is online, you can easily change your requirements or order new leads. That beats spending hours on the phone.

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