Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Public Relations Expert

I've heard squirrels described as rodents with fluffy tails and good PR skills. I can testify to that.

I missed a fresh vegetable garden, when living in the city. Eventually, I turned the entirety of the small back lawn into a garden. I took particular pride in two small rows of corn stalks. I watched closely as they grew and the ears began to ripen on the stalks. Then I came home from work and found all the ears missing. A neighbor had watched in amazement as squirrels climbed the stalks and removed the ripened ears. Later I saw one climbing a stalk to check things out. As disappointed as I was to lose the corn, I couldn't help but enjoy their antics. Now that's good PR.


  1. They really are quite photogenic!

  2. Squirrels are quite the rogues. I am surprised that they stole your entire crop.

  3. You can have them! A family of squirrels have moved into our attic and they don't even pay rent.