Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just A Baby

Who would guess this little guy would grow up to be a mighty Blue Hubbard Squash weighing twenty or more pounds?

Blue Hubbard is my favorite winter squash - to eat, that is. Preparation is another story.  The outside shell is extremely hard to cut and peeling it off the squash has been the source of many blisters for me.   I finally resorted to cooking it first, then removing the outside shell.  That's a big improvement, but it still takes a violently swung meat cleaver to break it into pieces for cooking.

Fortunately, the large size means a lot of servings from one squash.  When I lived alone, I could prepare and freeze two in the fall and still have some left in the spring.


  1. Oh, I love Blue Hubbard! Haven't had one for years. I used to take a hatchet to 'em.

  2. aww that is one cute baby squash! :) good job! ^__^

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