Monday, August 22, 2011

Coffee Plant

Depending on the weather, I drink either hot or iced coffee every morning. I won't deny enjoying the caffeine jump-start, but I drink it because I love the taste. I never tire of trying different blends, flavors and accompaniments. I've ordered them online and driven miles to purchase ones I favored.

Despite my love of coffee, I had never seen a picture of a coffee plant. About a year ago, I saw one for the first time and found another reason to love the beverage. Something about the pods makes me want to reach out and touch them. Probably to grab the two coffee beans that are inside!


  1. I greatly enjoy reading your posts, it is truly a breath of fresh air. I am glad I discovered your blog , I am also a huge nature and animal lover. Kisses.

  2. Nice pix. I am a coffee lover too :)
    I love the local "kampung" or village coffee.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I am also a coffee drinker. I feel so blessed that I am born in a coffee farm. :-)

  4. Love the pic! I am a tea drinker, by the way. :)

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