Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buying the first place

Thanks to Roman May

Buying my first house was a total rush although it is really scary writing someone a check for that much money! I love the idea of being a homeowner but there were so many things that went with it I almost got too overwhelmed to go through with it before I even signed on the dotted line. For example, I had no idea I had to get homeowner’s insurance to protect my house or that I’d need flood zone insurance since I was in a valley. I also didn’t think about things like www.wildbluedeals.com satellite or getting a lawn care company, either, so stuff just sort of added up by the end of the process. I’m really happy here, though, and I’m glad I went for it all the way because now I own this place outright and no one in the world can tell me what to do here or what time to be home! It’s the most adult thing I’ve ever done and I can’t believe it’s all mine.